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Candy Floss Saran®


Shiny  salmony mid pink genuine Saran fibre

Please check our quantity guide for approximate requirements for your project.

Standard packs = 12.5g Medium = 25g Large = 50g and XL =100g

Saran can be boil permed but it is not advisable to use human heated styling products on this fibre.



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  • Quantity Guide

    Hair Buying Guide : 
    The amount you need will vary according to : the number of plugs, the length, the style and the thickness of plugs required.
    All quantities are approximate and refer to standard packs unless otherwise stated:
    Sindy 70s/80s - 2-3 packs , Sindy 60s - 3-4 packs , Monster High -1 x Large pack, Barbie - 2-3 packs, Pippa/Dawn - 1-2 packs , Blythe 8 packs or 1 XL pack, MLP - 1-2 packs. My Child 2 x XL , Sasha 1 x XL